Para Importación Xotic Effects Robotalk2 2-Channel Envelope Filter

Xotic Effects Robotalk2 2-Channel Envelope Filter

$180.000 ( Valor referencial )

The Robotalk2 sports two individual envelope filter channels. Each channel is independently voiced and can be preset for different playing style; slow acoustic-like attack,percussive, high speed open-close and many more. Blend each channel together for additional tone or use the internal dip switch to customize your sounds appropriately. There’s a switchable input pad for accommodating both active and passive signals.

Says guitar ace Paul Jackson Jr. “The new Robotalk 2 is great!! You’ve got the classic 70’s style ALL ANALOG filter sound, and you’ve got 2 discrete channels of it. What else do you need, except maybe Parliment Funkadelic??”

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  • 2 individual filter channels
  • Each channel is independently voiced
  • Channels can be blended together for additional tones
  • Dip switches for further tone tweaking

Make your guitar talk and sing. Order today.


Robotalk2 2-Channel Envelope Filter Guitar Effects Pedal

  • Input Impedance: 1M ohm (switchable 1M or 47K)
    Output Impedance: 1K ohm
    INPUT Jack, OUTPUT Jack,
    AC Adaptor Jack (adaptor optional 9VDC/-Negative Center)
    Width: 4.62 inches (117 mm)
    Depth: 3.65 inches (93 mm)
    Height: 2.0 inches (50 mm)
    Weight: 0.9 lbs. (0.4 kg)


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