Para Importación Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Delay Pedal

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Delay Pedal

$140.000 ( Valor referencial )

The Vapor Trail is a true analog delay pedal using the famed Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs), giving the pedal an authentic, vintage sound with warmth, fullness and depth, but with an immense clarity that keeps it from getting lost in the mix. Responsive modulation controls add shimmer and movement to your delay tone – with the Rate and Depth controls mounted right on the top panel so you can easily adjust them even in a live setting.

A TRS insert jack allows you to add effects to the wet signal (loop the wet delay sound through a flanger, chorus, or other type of effect). You can also use this jack to output a wet-only signal for parallel effect loops or multi-amp setups, or you can plug in any standard volume-type pedal, crank the Mix knob to full, and vary the amount of wet signal from none to full-wet using the pedal. At maximum Wet setting, the first echo is actually 3dB louder than the dry signal.

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Vapor Trail Delay Pedal

  • Type of Circuitry: Analog Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs) supported by modern low-noise analog electronics. No microprocessors or digital signal processors.
    Bypass: True bypass
    Delay Range: 15ms to 600ms. Actual delay time indicated by flash rate of illuminated delay time knob.
    Dry Gain: 1dB fixed
    Wet Gain: Adjustable from muted to +3dB. At the highest blend settings, the first echo is actually louder than the dry signal.
    Repeat Control Range: One repeat to runaway repeats
    Modulation Rate Range: 0.2Hz to 4 Hz
    Modulation Depth Range: Zero to “over the top”
    Auxiliary Functions: Wet channel insert loop, allows external effects to be applied to only the wet signal. Also serves as a wet-only output for wet/dry stereo or studio use.
    Dry Frequency Response: <-1dB @ 10 Hz and 100 kHz
    Dry Distortion: 0.002% at 250 Hz, 1V RMS output
    Dry Noise Floor: -100dBv at output, 400Hz to 20kHz with input unplugged
    Wet Noise Floor: -90dBV at output, 400Hz to 20kHz
    Input Impedance: 1 Meg (active); open (bypassed)
    Output Impedance: 1K ohm
    Power: Internal 9V battery or external 9V-18V regulated power supply.
    Current Consumption: 11mA typical
    Dimensions: Chassis size 2.61″ x 4.90″ x 1.45″ (W x L x H)
    Weight: 0.8lb. without battery


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